##General Topics - (link: faqs/whatishales text: What is HAL-ES?) - (link: blog/welcome text: Why did you do this?) - (link: faqs/hows-hales-different text: How is HAL-ES different than other apps?) - (link: faqs/witwics text: Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?) - (link: faqs/is-there-an-app text: Is there an app?) - (link: faqs/how-do-i-tell-others text: How do I tell others?) - (link: faqs/why-ads text: Why are there advertisements?) ##Common Errors and Problems - (link: faqs/cant-find-closest text: Why can't you find my closest facility?) ## Security and Privacy - (link: faqs/is-hales-safe text: Is HAL-ES Safe?) - (link: faqs/privacy-error text: My connection isn't Private? What?!) - (link: faqs/isnt-it-unsafe text: Isn't it unsafe to have all this information in one place?) - (link: faqs/information-to-3rd-parties text: Do you give my information to 3rd parties?) - (link: faqs/location-storage-and-tracking text: Do you store my Location / Track Me?) ##Content - (link: faqs/update-info text: How do I update information that is no longer correct?) - (link: faqs/agency-contact text: Hey, I work for [AGENCY] and would like to work with you! Who can I talk to?) ##Account Questions - (link: faqs/who-can-sign-up text: Who can sign up for HAL-ES?) - (link: faqs/how-to-verify text: How do I become Verified?) - (link: faqs/why-disabled text: My Account has been disabled, Why?) ##Miscellaneous - (link: faqs/other-questions text: I have a question or a problem that hasn't been answered here, what do I do?) - (link: faqs/who-are-you-whowho-whowho text: Who are you guys?) - (link: faqs/hiring text: Are you hiring?) - (link: faqs/how-can-i-help text: How can I help?) - (link: faqs/will-you-expand-other-states text: Will you expand to other states?) - (link: faqs/payments text: Who do you use for processing payments?)