First off, on behalf of the HAL-ES team, I'd like to say Welcome, and Thank you for checking out the HAL-ES Project!

HAL-ES (Hospital Access and Locations for Emergency Services) started out of frustration.

As EMTs and Paramedics, we often travel to various facilities and far destinations that we aren't familiar with.
When we get there: Both with, and without patients, we often waste time trying to get into the ED.
What's worse is trying to call an unfamiliar hospital, only to find out that you don't know the Telemetry number to reach them.
How about responding to an unfamiliar area, and not being sure where the closest appropriate facility is?

These are all problems that members of the HAL-ES team have run into, and we decided to put together a comprehensive resource that's continually being updated by our fellow First Responders.

When completed: We can see HAL-ES as a thriving resource helping improve patient outcomes by reducing time wasted on scene.

In the mean time- Stay tuned here for HAL-ES News, and exciting announcements!

If you have any questions feel free to email us: contact@hal-es.org