Why can't you find my closest facility?

There are two reasons that HAL-ES might not be able to find your closest facility...

If HAL-ES is saying that something is invalid: You haven't given us permission to access your location.
We can't know where you are if you don't tell us, you know!

The other possibility is that there are legitimately none of the selected types of facilities within a 25-mile radius of your current location. There will be a fix coming for this soon!


If you haven't granted us location permission, please make sure you do so...

If you've accidentally denied us location permissions- No sweat! Here's how to take care of that:

iPhone App

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Here turn on the location services for HAL-ES and that’s it!

Safari (iOS)

If you're getting "Error Code 1: User Denied Geolocation" simply refresh the page, and when we ask for permission just click "Allow."
If you are still getting "Error Code 1" Clear your browsing data and re-launch Safari.

Chrome (Computer)

Navigate to HAL-ES on your computer.
Click on "Secure" next to the HAL-ES URL, and find "Location" in the drop-down menu. Select "Always allow on this site"
[source: Chrome Help]

Chrome (Mobile)

Your settings for Chrome Mobile carry over from your computer, please see above.

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