Already Eying Expansion...

After a careful audit of our databases and usage statistics, we've realized that we need to start thinking about expanding the reach of our product.

In our promo video, we stated that we're "starting in Illinois, and hopefully expanding nationwide." Based on the amount of transports that we perform, and the locations that we perform them to; We decided to follow a logical flow of expansion.

After some fine tuning and more polishing: We're going to be expanding our database of information to Indiana, followed by Wisconsin shortly after.

Expanding centrally out from Illinois will allow us to maintain a high level of quality control on our product, as well as expand (relatively) rapidly to bordering states.

Part of this decision comes from the fact that our closest appropriate facilities may not always lie in the geographical borders of one state. Expanding in this manner will allow us to continue to provide the most up-to-date information for our users!

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